Preliminary Report: Exploratory Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure Outdoors in the Vicinity of DDCUS

Joaquin Machado
Parents and concerned members of the community in the city of Doral, in Miami Dade County, report that children are experiencing symptoms and signs without a known cause that coincide with their attendance at DDCUS. The community's concern focuses on the consequences of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RFR) that children are receiving from the telecommunications tower located less than 600 feet from the school. The reported symptoms are consistent with common symptoms and signs of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). Parents have expressed their concern publicly and have asked the author of this report for guidance as an expert in the field of electromagnetic radiation exposure. Some of the children report experiencing: fatigue, sleep rhythm disturbances, nervousness (without apparent reason), skin problems, accelerated heart rate, eyebrow pain, concentration problems, sensation of pressure or numbness in the head, tingling sensation in the skin, sensation of pressure in the chest, among others. The author and their research team deployed specialized instruments to conduct an outdoor assessment near the academic institution in order to understand the electromagnetic radiation exposure environment of the school and thereby confirm the main sources of contamination from the exterior.
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