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Electrosmog are the electromagnetic disturbances and interference emitted by technologies that work with electricity and wireless telecommunications. It is found in problems of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), PIM (Passive Intermodulation), Dirty Electricity (Noise on power lines from harmonics and transients), unexpected network failures, and device malfunctions. Recently, with scientific evidence, experts have linked this type of pollution with harmful biological and environmental effects.

More than 4,000 scientific papers confirm this, hundreds of studies in more than 50 countries, multiple organizations, universities and governments worldwide have carried out medical studies whose conclusions have appeared in thousands of peer-reviewed scientific articles with multiple scientific evidence that allows the  electromagnetic problem to be related with specific effects on health and the environment.

Electrosmog cannot be fully understood in depth if some basic concepts, reasoning and analysis of the origin of the concept of electromagnetic waves and radiation are not clear; as well as if it is not understood in an essential way how current “works”, both alternating (AC) and direct (DC), and what were the approaches that Tesla and Edison put forward at the time. Understanding what electrosmog is also requires an understanding of electronics and how it works, as well as concepts from microbiology, genetics, physiology, and environmentalism.

In summary, this concept requires a very broad multidisciplinary basic knowledge. This understanding is required to understand the origin of the electromagnetic problem and how it can be completely and permanently controlled, mitigated or neutralized.

As a main idea, the first thing to clarify is:

Radiation is neither good nor bad. Radiation is the radiated propagation of energy, particles oscillating as a function of waves at different frequencies and wavelengths. Electromagnetic Fields are not harmful, in fact, we have evolved as a species immersed in electromagnetic fields for millions of years, as well as all species.

That is why, as an EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) Researcher and Electrosmog specialist, I have compiled 12 principles that summarize what I have learned in recent years working with hundreds of cases of electrohypersensitivity, conducting studies in multiple laboratories, conducting environmental assessments indoors and abroad in more than 40 countries.

  1. Non-ionizing radiation, when generated by MAN-MADE SOURCES, harms health and the environment. These are ultra-weak radiations that CARRY A DISTURBANCE in the fundamental particles that can be described as quantum interference.  
  2. All types of radiation emitted by artificial sources alter human cells’ functioning. This is because radiation from artificial sources is POLARIZED, and this effect disturbs the SPINS (magnetic moments) and SOI (Spin-Orbit Interaction) of the fundamental particles with which it interacts.
  3. The cells are altered due to the MODULATION that produces polarity changes in radiation spins; this causes that, as the radiation is absorbed by the body, it results in an ABNORMAL STIMULATION of the autonomic nervous system and brain activity. 
  4. Among the main alterations in the cell membrane, the VOLTAGE-GATED ION CHANNELS —especially the VGCC (calcium channels)—, located within the cell membrane, are particularly affected by these radiations, with all the implications this entails. f
  5. In general, Electrosmog produces a CELLULAR ALTERATION that causes a chain reaction in cells’ functioning, altering the ELECTRICAL POTENTIAL and increasing oxidative stress, free radicals, and inflammation.
  6. OXIDATIVE STRESS causes inflammation and premature aging by accelerating cell deterioration, which can lead to specific symptoms and health problems. Oxidative stress has been linked to over 75 different health conditions.
  7. The biological effects related to this type of radiation are known as NON-THERMAL EFFECTS. Electromagnetic fields (from artificial sources) are ULTRA-WEAK RADIATIONS that do not carry enough energy (5,000 watts) to cause a thermal effect and heat tissue. 
  8. Non-ionizing radiation produced by technologies, due to its disturbance, INTERFERES IN CELLULAR COMMUNICATION, whose basis is an electrical communication centered on polarities.
  9. Harmful non-thermal effects CANNOT BE 100% BLOCKED. Any attempt to block will leave a trail and an electrosmog accumulation in the surrounding environment, and the disturbance in quantum fields is transferred by tunneling, which will affect biological species. Also, any blocking system implemented will leak, which could generate concentrated radiation beams in those spaces. 
  10. Even 0.01% of the radiation emitted by a cell phone ALTERS THE CELLS’ FUNCTIONING. According to the BioInitiative report , THERE IS NO SAFE EXPOSURE LEVEL to microwave radiation, especially due to its artificial spin polarization. 
  11. Electromagnetic (EMF) pollution does not only affect humans but ALL BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. This includes pets, plants, and all of nature, altering the birds’ migration pattern and putting bees at greater extinction risk.
  12. The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle is useful and necessary to promote more efficient technologies that generate less EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). Technologies in compliance with ALARA must still be considered as POLLUTANTS and their residual emissions must be filtered and controlled as well. 
  13. ANTI-RADIATION CLOTHING does not neutralize the pollution and interferences these radiations produce in the surrounding environment, but rather BLOCKS the passage of radiation into the body at specific points. In the long term, this is NOT HEALTHY, as it blocks the necessary interaction between the human body, the earth’s magnetism, and the natural frequencies of the environment.
  14. ANTI-RADIATION FABRICS in used environments (Carpets, Curtains, Paintings, Covers) have proven to be effective in the short term, but they constitute A MAJOR PROBLEM for people’s health in the long term, as we have described in the previous principle. In addition, they are major INTERFERENCE SOURCES and create microwave radiation beams that manage to access buildings. 
  15. ANTI-RADIATION ACCESSORIES for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops ALTER THE CORRECT FUNCTIONING of these devices and cause them to produce more radiation in an attempt to transmit or receive a signal. This makes devices work harder and more perforced, which, in turn, reduces their battery life.
  16. Only EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) CONTROL with active Harmonics and Transients (Dirty Electricity) filtering, correct grounding, and alternating electric fields (ELF) isolation are RECOMMENDED PRACTICES. It is important to note that these systems MUST NOT CONTRIBUTE with additional DISTURBANCES to electrical systems or surrounding environments. 
  17. All BUILDINGS WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC HYGIENE must have an adequate flicker-free artificial lighting system, as well as light temperatures and brightness intensities that are consistent with the human activities carried out there. In the same way, NATURAL LIGHT sources constitute a significant factor in the space’s health and should not be underestimated.  
  18. SUBTLE ENERGY Products focused on the negative ions emission can only MASK the symptoms and signs of the electrosmog effects on people, since they relieve the ion charges in the environments and can produce less “stressed” environments. However, these products ARE NOT CHANGING in any way the fundamental disturbance in artificial radiation spins, which is the element that produces harmful long-term health effects as radiation is absorbed. 
  19. Some SUBTLE ENERGY products can carry RADIOACTIVE PARTICLES emissions, and studies have shown that they ARE NOT ADVISED to be used near the human body. In the same way, HARMONIZATION SYSTEMS by natural frequencies resonance DO NOT MODIFY THE ORIGINAL DISTURBANCES and, in the best of cases, just represent intermittent protection for individuals. 
  20. The acquisition and usage of ELECTROSMOG (EMFs) METERS available on the Internet without adequate training can lead to a WRONG OR FALSE INTERPRETATION regarding exposures in a given space; since the equipment may not have the right calibration and has limited sensors in the frequency spectrum, which does not allow you to see the REAL EXPOSURE in a space. 


There is much to learn about these non-ionizing radiations from man-made sources and, for this, it is additionally necessary to master basic terms such as:

The Electromagnetic Spectrum of Frequencies

Electrical Properties of Our Cells

  • The cell membrane regulates the passage of ions between the outside and the inside of the cell.
  • Inside and outside contain different concentrations of ions.
  • The accumulation of charge on both sides of the membrane gives rise to an electric field.
  • Electric field and concentration gradient generate ionic currents across the membrane.
  • The generation of cell membrane potential and ionic currents can be understood using the laws of electrostatics (and more).
  • Applications:
    • Regulation of cell volume
    • Generation of action potentials in neurons


Micro-documentary - Understanding Electropollution

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