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Exploratory Case Study: Outdoor EMF Exposure in the surroundings of the DDCUS

DDCUS EMF Evaluation Doral


Concerned parents and community members in the city of Doral, in Miami Dade County, report that there are children having symptoms and signs with no known cause that coincide with their children’s attendance to the DDCUS. Concern in the community centers on the consequences of the exposure children are receiving from the telecommunications tower located less than 600 feet from the school. The reported symptoms are consistent with common signs and symptoms of EHS (Electrohypersensitivity Syndrome). The parents have publicly expressed their concern and have asked the author of this report for his guidance as an expert in the field of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Some of the children report presenting: Fatigue, Sleep Rhythm Disturbances, Nervousness (for no apparent reason), skin problems, fast heartbeat, pain in the eyebrows, problems concentrating, feeling of pressure or numbness in the head, a sensation of prickling in the skin, a sensation of pressure in the chest, among others. The author set out with his research team and specialized instruments to carry out an evaluation outdoors in the vicinity of the academic institution in order to have an idea of which environment of exposure to electromagnetic radiation the school is located in and, thereby, confirm which are the main sources of pollution for the school from outside.

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