Joaquín Machado is a distinguished figure in the field of electromagnetic pollution, holding numerous patents and having authored various publications that contribute significantly to the understanding and mitigation of electromagnetic contamination.

Patents & Publications

Electromagnetic Contamination Neutralization Composition Device and Method
US9820418B1 · Nov 14, 2017
Electromagnetic Contamination Neutralization Formulation Material of Wide Application
US10058017B1 · Aug 21, 2018
Electromagnetic Contamination Neutralization Composition Device and Method
AE P6001318/2018 · Sep 23, 2018
Electromagnetic Contamination Neutralization Composition Device and Method
CO NC2018/0011077 · Oct 16, 2018
System for Monitoring and Evaluating Electromagnetic Contamination by Source
US10145875B1 · Dec 4, 2018
Electromagnetic Radiation Solution
(Solución para la Radiación Electromagnética)
KR 10-2048553 · Nov 19, 2019
Electromagnetic Contamination Neutralization Composition Device and Method
AU 2017237179 · Mar 5, 2020
Nanocomposite Material for Electromagnetic Contamination
(Material Nanocompuesto para Contaminación Electromagnética)
JP 2019-500757 · Jul 7, 2020
Method, Device, and Composition for Neutralizing Electromagnetic Contamination
(Método, dispositivo y composición para neutralizar la contaminación electromagnética)
CA 3,018,175 · Issued Jul 22, 2021


Awards and Recognitions

CTA (Consumer Technology Association) Sustainability Report 2019: Noxtak is recognized as one of the three emerging disruptive technologies, highlighting its significant contribution to sustainability and innovation in technology.

SVIIF2019 (Silicon Valley Invention Festival): Awarded the Gold Medal in Environmental Protection, acknowledging Noxtak's impactful solutions in safeguarding the environment through innovative approaches.

The International Prize 2019 – Geneva’s House: A prestigious accolade that underscores Noxtak's global recognition for its excellence and innovative contributions to the field.

Edison Awards 2020: Received the Silver in the category of Material Science, Nanotechnology, celebrating Noxtak's advancements and inventive applications in nanotechnology that pave the way for future innovations.

German Innovation Awards 2021: Honored with the Gold Medal, this award signifies Noxtak's outstanding achievements in innovation, particularly recognizing its groundbreaking work and contributions to the domain of technology and environmental protection.




NOXTAK® is the company behind the innovative SPIRO® technology, addresses the pressing issue of EMF pollution, also known as Electrosmog or Disturbed Radiation. This environmental toxin poses a significant threat to both human health and the functionality of technologies and telecommunications systems.



SPIRO® is a technology developed by NOXTAK® that acts as an electromagnetic radiation filter, reducing exposure to this type of radiation and promoting wellness by maintaining a safer environment for technology use.



The Global EMF Monitoring Society (GEMS) comprises Electrosmog specialists who study native and non-native EMFs, monitor nnEMF emissions, and share findings within a global community. GEMS offers insights into SPIRO® material for EMF protection and its benefits for mental health, well-being, and various applications. GEMS aims to promote health, well-being, and technological advancement.

EFEIA (Electrosmog-Free Environments International Accreditation) is a non-profit organization advocating for electro-healthy spaces and technologies worldwide. Committed to public health and environmental preservation, EFEIA sets global standards while addressing critical issues such as the decline in bee populations, potentially linked to electrosmog pollution.

Service Advanced Assessment Advanced Plus Assessment
Electrical Grid Analysis ✔️ ✔️
Low Frequency and Near Field Analysis ✔️ ✔️
Selective Microwave Radiation Analysis ✔️ ✔️
WiFi Signal Performance Analysis ✔️ ✔️
Environmental Bioelectrography Analysis with Biowell ✔️ ✔️
Light Environment Analysis ✔️ ✔️
General Indoor Climate Analysis ✔️ ✔️
Individual Bioelectrography Analysis ✔️

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