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Press Material 

Version 1:

Joaquín Machado, an EMF Researcher, Inventor with 14 international patents in nanotechnology and electronics, author of scientific publications, founding director of GEMS Academy, honorary delegate of the EFEIA Institute, and advisory board member of IGEF (Electrosmog Research Association), is a pioneer in the field of healthy technologies. He is renowned for inventing the nanocomposite material that led to the development of SPIRO® technology. With a deep passion for improving quality of life through innovation, Machado has spent years researching and developing technological solutions that promote optimal well-being and health. His unique approach combines principles of bioengineering with the latest trends in the wellness field known as Biohacking, resulting in products and services that have transformed the way people interact with their health and protect themselves from Electrosmog. Currently, Machado collaborates with health professionals and organizations worldwide to implement SPIRO® technology in various clinical practices, enhancing the lives of thousands of people.

Version 2:

Joaquín Machado is an acclaimed researcher and pioneer in electromagnetic field technologies, with a vision deeply rooted in enhancing global health through innovative nanotechnology solutions. As the inventor of SPIRO® Technology and founding director of GEMS Academy, his Purpose is to revolutionize EMF protection and foster clean energy fields for optimal well-being, particularly supporting individuals with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. His goals include conducting a global EHS census with EFEIA to create a comprehensive database, launching a multilingual training program for EMF technicians at GEMS, and expanding SPIRO's reach to 100 countries, impacting 1 million families through a robust network of associates. Joaquín's work exemplifies a commitment to integrating advanced, health-centric technologies into daily life, empowering individuals to take control of their health in a sustainable manner.


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