STROOM MASTER® - Home or Office Solution (12 Units)

STROOM MASTER® - Home or Office Solution (12 Units)

Joaquin Machado

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The Stroom Master® is our exclusive solution engineered to combat AC EMF pollution caused by voltage transients and harmonics present in power lines. Equipped with our patented SPIRO® technology, it features a concentration of SPIRO® material, ensuring exceptional filtration capabilities.

  1. Advanced Filtration: The Stroom Master® combines standard harmonics filtration with patented SPIRO® technology (9 Films) to effectively neutralize AC EMF pollution from voltage transients and harmonics in power lines.

  2. Enhanced SPIRO® Material: With a high concentration of SPIRO material (9 Films), each of the 12 Stroom Master® units offer a bigger response in terms of protection from wireless telecommunications.

  3. Wide Coverage: Designed to create a protective zone with a radius of up to 8 feet, each Stroom Master® offers comprehensive coverage for rooms and living spaces.

  4. Easy Installation: The Stroom Master® is easy to install and can be conveniently placed in any standard wall outlet, requiring no complicated setup.

  5. Complementary Protection: While primarily designed for dirty electricity, each Stroom Master® can be combined with a SPIRO DISC for comprehensive electrosmog protection throughout your home or office.


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